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Dorcen TVC exquisite blockbuster hits the CCTV screen!


The TVC's custom-made TVC exquisite blockbuster hits the CCTV screen.

Since March 15, 2019, as long as the CCTV cctv4 channel is locked, the "China News" and "Asia Today" column can now see the Dorcen G70S domineering figure.

In April, the Dorcen will be more beautiful and will be on the CCTV screen.

The goshawk circling, the clouds are surging

Follow the footsteps of the Dorcen

Climbing the plateau, Lingyue Mountains

Drive with the old herders and dance next to the campfire

Passing through the prayers on the shores of Qinghai Lake

Going forward to the dream...


More exciting, all in the CCTV screen in April, so stay tuned.

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