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DORCEN Brand Introduction

DORCEN auto is a new Chinese automobile brand with “Youth; Intelligence” as Core Strategy, DORCEN is entitled with manufacturing license of both traditional energy vehicles and new energy vehicles, which has the leading intelligent interconnection technology and the inheritance of traditional craftsman's spirit.

Target Customer: Young Generation with Gumption

Brand Solgan: Drive with the youth dream

Network Plan: DORCEN auto has now breakthroughs in technical ability, manufacturing technology, and ecological cooperation, owns two international leading modernized industrial manufacturing base in Jiangxi and Jiangsu. Up to now there has been more than 100 4S dealers, more than 600 distributor network, more than 400 service stations, in 2019 there will be more than 220 4S dealers, more than 1300 distributor network, and more than 2000 service stations, in future there will be international marketing development in Africa, Asia and South American countries.

Product Technology:

Intelligent interconnection:

DORCEN auto owns independent research and development team with advanced and leading car networking technology, to form a closed loop of Person, Car and Home, and connect abundance service ecology.

Engine Technology:

DORCEN auto has close cooperation with German META power laboratory and strong independent R&D ability, also owns first class soft and hard facilities in China, accumulate more than 100 patents, by the next generation engine all performance data and specifications will achieve the industrial leading standard.

New Energy Technology:

DORCEN auto has accumulate advanced technology in Battery, Electric motor, and Electric control system, owns production capacity of more than 100,000 packages of battery, more than 200,000 sets of battery management system. DORCEN also has close cooperation relationship with global advanced new energy R&D centers.

Vehicle Designing Technology:

DORCEN auto has always been working together with Italy famous designing center TORINOCREA and other global first class R&D center, to supply the latest fashion designing style for the youth generation.

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